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Fine Print is the VALBEC print journal of adult english language and literacy education

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The Fine Print editorial committee is delighted to announce that the second edition in 2015 will include a section of writing by students and teachers. This will celebrate the learning and insights of language, literacy and numeracy students and teachers across Victoria.

two gulls - significant others in your life and learning

Significant others in your life and learning


With the broad theme of 'significant others', whether they be family, friends, teachers or other role models, students are asked to write about how they have been an influence in their life and/or education.

Consider the following prompts:

We ask teachers to write about how you help your students, with not only the processes and mechanics of writing, but also how you inspire, build confidence, and help your students find a voice. Also consider:

What have been some of the significant influences on your learning and teaching practices? What are some of the strategies you have used to engage and motivate learners?

What have been some of the transformations you have observed in your students over time?

We welcome both poetry and prose and will consider images or artwork as appropriate.

Submission Guidelines

Deadline: June 10th

Electronic texts only: Word document; Font: Times New Roman 12;

Word limit for students: between 50 and 250 words

Word limit for teachers: between 200 and 750 words

Please include

The editorial committee will select pieces that best fit the guidelines and represent a diversity of learners and teachers.

Please email all contributions to