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1. VALBEC forum - Working with learners experiencing family violence - how to respond and what to do

Tuesday 14th November at 4:00-6:00 pm

2. Spelling knowledges: taking a strategic approach - workshop

Friday 17th, November 1.00-4.00pm

3. Fine Print November 2017

4. Literacy 4.0 Project

5. ACAL 2018 Conference

6. Adult Literacy Connect

7. Reaccreditation of curricula – CGEA and EAL Frameworks

8. Resource Gems - Welcome to the Library

9. Teacher/volunteers to teach English in Thailand

10. International Transformative Learning Conference

11. ACAL 2017

12. VALBEC Facebook page

1. Working with learners experiencing family violence - how to respond and what to do - VALBEC forum -

VALBEC in conjunction with Safe Steps are hosting a forum about how to refer and respond to disclosures of  family violence from  learners and / or participants.

Front of house staff, volunteers, teachers, managers and coordinators are all invited to attend.

Where: Olympic Adult Education, 233 Southern Road, Heidelberg West Map

When: Tuesday 14th November at 4:00 – 6:00 pm

Cost: Members free, Non-members $25.00


Spelling2. Spelling knowledges: taking a strategic approach - VALBEC workshop

Facilitators: Jan Hagston and Lee Kindler

Adult literacy learners often identify spelling as a problem. They see their poor spelling as evidence of deficient writing skills and lack of general English proficiency and, like it or not, we are judged on our spelling.

Spelling knowledge has been found to be connected to other areas of literacy. It can help learners understand how words work at the levels of sound, structure and meaning which can enhance vocabulary and develop reading comprehension.

It is difficult for many people to develop spelling skills through exposure to print alone. Research has shown that explicit teaching of spelling can significantly improve students' spelling performance.

More details

Where: CAE City Campus, Flinders Lane Melbourne - Room B310

When: 1-4pm Friday 17th, November

Limit of 25

FREE for members but you nust register
$30 for non-member
Sandwiches and refreshments served 1-1.30pm.


3. Fine Print November 2017

The final edition of Fine Print for 2017 should reach your mailbox soon. Thanks to all the contributors who have ensured that each edition has been packed with great reading. Over the summer break you might find time to read over past editions and revisit and reflect on some of the articles that have been influential in your teaching practice.

The archives on the VALBEC website provide a good source for review and research also.

Do consider writing for Fine Print in 2018. Send your contributions to

4. Literacy 4.0 Project

VALBEC is very pleased to announce its partnership with the Melbourne Graduate School of Education into research of literacy that will be required of future workplaces and spaces. There has been much talk about the changing nature of work to the Industry 4.0 space that includes the gig economy, robotics, and smart factories.  The debate about Industry 4.0 has focussed on skills required for these new vocational settings. While there is an acknowledgement of the need to improve literacy, the nature of this literacy is rarely questioned. Yet if industry is undergoing a revolution, might not workplace literacy itself also be undergoing dramatic change?  This research will look at the new literacy requirements of new workplaces and spaces of the future. Look out for more information, presentations and a new website in 2018.

5. ACAL 2018 Conference

Save the date! ACAL 2018 conference in Melbourne September 13th and 14th.

VALBEC is very excited to host the 2018 ACAL conference at the Melbourne Convention Centre next year. The theme for the conference is 'Learning in diverse communities: strengths, reflections and questions'. The diversity of learners, educators, providers, practitioners and projects are critical and identifiable aspects of our professional LLN communities, be they urban, regional or remote.  The conference will focus on how research and practice can be woven into a program that enables learners of all kinds to succeed.

Look out for more information and the call for conference presentations coming soon.

6. Adult Literacy Connect

VALBEC is pleased to be part of and lead a new network called Adult Literacy Connect. This group consists of adult LLN educators and librarians interested in strengthening our collective capacity to support adult literacy learning in the community. The group meets monthly to discuss issues around adult literacy provision, share knowledge and learn from one another's profession and context. Our current focus is to improve resourcing of LLN teaching and learning materials. Thank you to all of those that filled in the online survey that we conducted about LLN resources last month. The winners of the survey have been chosen and will be notified shortly.

7. Reaccreditation of curricula – CGEA and EAL Frameworks

Both the Certificates in General Education for Adults (CGEA) and the English as an Additional Language (EAL) Frameworks are currently undergoing a review and reaccreditation process. Your foundation skills coordinators would have received information about this process by the Curriculum Maintenance Managers (CMM). If you have some specific feedback about these certificates now is a good time to have your say. Please share feedback with your coordinators preferably by writing so they can send this on to the CMM. VALBEC committee members are on both reaccreditation panels so you can also send your feedback to

8. Resource Gems - Welcome to the Library

The internet now allows for a myriad of teaching and learning resources to be shared between LLN practitioners. The wealth of information available to practitioners means that finding quality resources can take time and effort. This year, VALBEC committee members will identify some 'gems' amongst the resources freely available online. Each month, a committee member will share a quality teaching resource to support your classroom teaching and professional practice. These resources may take the form of a blog, an educational podcast, a downloadable teaching resource or a Youtube channel. As always, we are interested to hear what you think. Have you used this resource before? Do you know of similar resources? Send us your feedback or comments to

This month's contribution comes from Meg Cotter, VALBEC Co-president.

Libraries are a great free resource for community members but sometimes people who are not confident in reading or are new to the country do not know how they can access and use the library.

This new resource developed by Djerriwarrh Community and Education Services in partnership with the Melton Library Service consists of a  beginner reader, activities booklet, and video.

Check it out here

9. Teacher/volunteers to teach English in Thailand

Teacher/volunteers wanted to live and teach English in Thai children's homes in 2018

Hands Across the Water are an Australian Charity supporting 5 Childrens' homes in Thailand since 2005. 

An exciting opportunity exists for 4-5 EAL teachers who are looking for a rewarding experience, living in the children's homes for a year and teaching English to these very eager children.

Accommodation, meals, a living allowance, a stepped out curriculum with loads of fun resources, induction training week and support from the Hands English team are all provided.

More about the English program

Find out more. Contact us now. Talk to Annie to discuss this exciting opportunity. No question is too trivial.

Applications open NOW for 2018. Close November 30th 2017. Induction training starts in Thailand, 22nd January 2018.

International Transformative Learning Conference10. International Transformative Learning Conference

The XIII Biennial International Transformative Learning Conference will be held in New York November 7-10, 2018. This conference theme is 'Building Transformative Community: Enacting Possibility in Today's Times'. The call for proposals is now open and interested people could find out more by going to their facebook page (The International Transformative Learning Conference) or googling ITLC 2018.

11. ACAL 2017

2017 ACAL ConferenceReport by Linno Rhodes

Attending the ACAL conference in Darwin this year was an unexpected surprise – one that pleased me no end.

I chose to attend the main conference and then the one-day session on Friday for people interested in LLN and research.

I flew in on the same flights as fellow VALBEC committee member, Rhonda Pelletier, which was fun – we arrived after midnight and when we disembarked we were greeted with a very balmy evening. A bit different to the freezing weather we had left behind in Melbourne. We arrived at the hotel, only to be locked out – Rhonda did attempt to call the night porter, but rang her brother instead, who luckily was still awake. But, he didn't –or couldn't - help us out. Eventually the night manager came and showed us in – very comfy accommodation awaited, and next thing I knew, it was morning!

Day 1

Heather D'Antoine, from the Menzies School of Health Research was the first keynote ....


Day 2

Professor Melissa Steyn opened day 2 with her keynote address: Literacy in the time of Decoloniality – a feminist and critical reading of knowledge and how that knowledge and history is affected by colonialism. The idea that applying a frame of decolonialism will allow us to rethink multiple literacies, and problematize the dominant thinking ....


12. VALBEC Facebook page

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