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1. 'Joining the dots: multiple literacies in multiple contexts' - VALBEC Conference

2. 'Stories of Resilience'

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4. Let there be Light! The International Year of Light - lesson ideas

5. 'Building Strength with Numeracy'

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6. Research Forum: VET's role in re-skilling displaced workers

1. 'Joining the dots: multiple literacies in multiple contexts' - VALBEC Conference

Save the date - Friday May 20, 2016, William Angliss Conference Centre

Language, Literacy and Numeracy practitioners constantly grapple with new ways of connecting learners and learning. The demands of contemporary society mean that there are increasing pressures on us all to be literate and numerate in many realms beyond the traditional reading, writing and maths. Learners deal with multiple literacies – digital, financial, health, work skills, science, legal, correctional services, environmental and a whole range of civic and settlement issues.

At the 2016 conference we hope to join participants in 'joining the dots' by showcasing innovative approaches and achievements in a range of literacies.

We will be inviting people to submit proposals for presentations and interactive workshops in the coming months.

Something different for the 2016 conference will be the opportunity to provide a visual presentation of how you are 'joining the dots' of literacy in context at your organisation. These presentations will be set up in the morning and available for people to view all day. During the lunch break presenters of each display will make themselves available to other conference participants to talk about their poster/visual display, answers questions and exchange ideas in an informal way.

More information to come but do start thinking about what you might put together in a creative and visual format.

2. 'Stories of Resilience'

When adults return to learning, as you know, it can have a positive effect across their whole life. People often feel stronger, more capable or their self-esteem grows in some way. They might feel more connected to others or their community, navigate the world of work more confidently or be more likely to encourage others around them to engage in learning.

ACAL's 'Stories of Resilience' project is all about adult learners telling their own stories of this kind of experience, and having their words published on the web. Many adult learners have found it motivating to share their stories with a wider audience - what about your learners?

We are looking for stories about resilience in adult learning. Your students may have already written something during the year that could be adapted or re-drafted. We are accepting written or spoken text, audio or video. This could be a good way for people to revisit their year's work. Join with us in this celebration of the learning journeys of our adult learners.

In collaboration with RaPAL (Research & Practice in Adult Literacies, UK).

Please pass on this info to anyone who may appreciate the opportunity.

3. Fine Print

The final edition for 2015 is in production and contains some interesting articles on prison education and globalisation of education, along with the regular sections.
We have a new approach to Practical Matters with a Vox Pop section of informal snapshots that provide examples of teaching practice and hopefully some springboard ideas. We will run Practical Matters Vox Pops again in 2016 so send your contributions (up to 250 words) to

If you have suggestions for themes and topics or would like to write about teaching and learning practice or projects, or if you are interested in joining the editorial committee contact the Fine Print editor


4. Let there be Light!

The International Year of Light - lesson ideas

VALBEC is observing 2015 as the International Year of Light (and light based technologies). Each month a VALBEC committee member will provide some resources, inspired by the Year of Light, for the classroom or of general interest to students to use as a springboard for thinking, researching, talking or writing.

In this issue Barb van Leest explains how books light up our world - in fact this was the theme of the 2015 Children's Book Week.


5. 'Building Strength with Numeracy'

Free numeracy resources just waiting for you

Getting Started

Exploring Numbers

In the Head Calculations





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Professional development

2016 ACAL-ACTA Conference in Perth • Registrations open

The conference Diversity: exchanging ways of being will be held in Perth on 7-11 Apri 2016 with symposia before and after.

Early bird rates close on 20th December 2015. Most sessions have limited numbers so you will need to book early to secure your first choices.

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There are 6 keynote speakers with paired keynote presentations and 12 concurrent session blocks.

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