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1. VALBEC 2019 Conference - registrations open April 5

2. 'Education and family violence' - VALBEC AGM April 3

3. Yo, si puedo! = Yes, I can!

4. Positivity – Change – Leadership VALBEC forum

5. PageTurners Series 8 now in print format 

6. Nominate for the Victorian Training Awards

7. CGEA teacher required – small Level II class

8. VALBEC membership is now due

1. VALBEC 2019 Conference - registrations open April 5

Pop the date into your diary. Put an alert on your phone. 

Our theme for 2019 invites us to celebrate and explore how teachers and students achieve in education. Let's explore how we:

Connect - with colleagues, community and students to succeed in a new skill, or lay down the foundations for something new

Educate - by the development and delivery of good learning experiences for students or staff.

Empower - demonstrate how learning has enabled students or colleagues to utilise their resilience to achieve their goals

Likely fees

Keynote Kirke Olson, Psy.D

2. 'Education and family violence' - VALBEC AGM April 3

Wednesday 3 April 2019, 6.00 pm – 7.00pm ( dinner to follow)

St Georges Restaurant, Melbourne Polytechnic Preston Campus 77 St Georges Road, Preston

Presentation: 'Education and family violence'

Magistrate Therese McCarthy will talk about the positive impact of education for vulnerable people including young people and victims of family violence.

Therese McCarthy was appointed a Victorian Magistrate in February 2017. She is the lead family violence magistrate for the Western Region of Melbourne. Prior to being appointed to the court, Therese was a Victorian barrister who practiced in Public Law, Administrative Law, Equal Opportunity, Discrimination and Human Rights, Family Law and guardianship and administration.

Therese has a strong commitment to Human Rights and ending violence against women and children.

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3. Yo, si puedo! = Yes, I can!

'Shona joined the campaign as a literacy student. After graduating she won a role as classroom facilitator, then became the coordinator and today, seven years after the literacy campaign moved on to other towns, is still in full time employment, as are many other graduates.';

This excerpt from Yes, I Can! Building adult literacy from Havana to Wilcannia via Timor-Leste by Ruth Ratcliffe is a taste of what you will find in the forthcoming edition of Fine Print (Vol. 42 #1). 

Ruth's article provides a great overview of how the Yes, I Can! approach to adult literacy came about and how it works. It also links well with Deborah Durnan and Bob Boughton's article about the Post Literacy phase of the Literacy for Life Foundation's adult literacy campaign, which appeared in our last issue. Why no read that while you're waiting for the next issue to arrive (it should reach members' and subscribers' mailboxes by the end of April).

Please contact fineprint@valbec.org if you have a proposal for a future article or review.

4. Positivity – Change – Leadership VALBEC forum

16 May, 6: 00 – 8:00pm,

William Angliss Institute Conference Centre, 555 La Trobe Street, Melbourne

Kirke Olson ans Sher Kamman VALBEC are pleased to present an evening with Dr Kirke Olson Psy.D. and Sher Kamman Psy.D., in conversation with Linno Rhodes, VALBEC President and International Specialised Skills Fellow (2017).

Together, Kirke and Sher run the Positivity Company in Concorde New Hampshire where they are committed to applying the science of positive psychology, interpersonal neurobiology and mindfulness to bring about change. They work as consultants to schools and their leadership teams, to bring about authentic and long term positive change.

Join Linno in conversation with Kirke and Sher as they explore ways leaders and managers in Adult Community Education can use the tools of Positive Psychology to:

More details and registration

5. PageTurners Series 8 now in print format 

Page turners Marry MePageTurners have had an overwhelming number of requests for printed copies of their Series 8 e-books.

These can now be ordered from the online shop https://pageturners.prace.vic.edu.au

The 4 titles are:

These titles can be also obtained as e-books.

6. Nominate for the Victorian Training Awards

Victorian Training Awards

The VTAs provide a unique opportunity to be rewarded and recognised for excellence, achievement and endeavour. They are open to individual students and teachers, training organisations and employers. You can self-nominate or nominate an outstanding staff member, colleague or student who you believe is deserving of recognition.

Entries close at midnight on Friday 3 May.

Contact 1800 290 650 or victorian.training.awards@edumail.vic.gov.au.

Full details

7. CGEA teacher required – small Level II class

Mon 9:30 – 12:00, Fri 12:30 – 3:00

Above award conditions and pay. Term 2 Start.

Please contact Linno Rhodes, Education Manager at Olympic Adult Education Ph 03 9450 2665

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8. VALBEC membership is now due

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