A dot painting is more than the sum of its parts

Tony Dreise, ACER

Tony DreiseCyber literacy. Financial literacy. Emotional literacy. English literacy. Critical literacy. Cultural literacy.

Get the picture? It's a complex world out there.

This state of ever-increasing complexity demands that today's learners are literate across diverse settings. For Indigenous people, are the multiple opportunities and challenges out there best advanced by the status quo or through a paradigm shift which extends beyond a mono-dimensional quest for 'earning'? This presentation will discuss both the universal and unique perspectives of lifelong and life-wide learning in Indigenous contexts via a framework called 'Learning, Earning, Yearning'. Much like a dot painting, learning is more than the sum of its parts.

Tony Dreise (pronounced drice) is of the Guumilaroi people of south-west Queensland and north-west New South Wales. He is the Principal Research Fellow for Indigenous Education at the Australian Council for Educational Research.

Tony has worked in education, public policy, and Indigenous development for over 20 years. He helped establish the inaugural Australian Indigenous Training Advisory Council and is a former board member of both the National VET Equity Advisory Council and Adult Learning Australia. His PhD at the Australian National University explores the relationship between Australian philanthropy and Indigenous education.