Streams of potential: what lies beneath

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… the persona

… recruiting, retaining, reconnecting students

… maintaining standards

… potential for transformative learning

The theme of the 2015 VALBEC conference, Streams of potential: what lies beneath, seeks to encourage exploration of the sometimes hidden elements that inform delivery of language, literacy and numeracy in a wide a range of contexts: community, workplace, accredited and pre-accredited programs.

Curriculum design has to integrate and work with funding to provide the broad overlay of skills and access. When the teacher discovers the students’ needs a process of analysis and design draws from what is available in curriculum and funding to provide the detailed and particular learning experience for the students. Just as decisions made in the design of curriculum affect how a course is delivered, so does the teacher’s understanding of pedagogy and funding requirements.

How do we, as teachers, senior educators, managers, tutors and volunteers work to:

These points of reflections and discussion will engage practitioners in elaborating and sharing the decision making processes in creating learning programs that support learners’ needs for language, literacy and numeracy in every aspect of their lives.