Our thanks to the speakers who generously gave their time, offered their ideas and shared their enthusiasm.

Some have provided their files. We'll continue to add them as they're provided.

Achievements and Developments in ‘Learn Local World’

Ms Rowena Allen, ACFE Chairperson

Plenary session (PowerPoint as PDF)

A1 Speaking in the World: Public Speaking For You and Your Students

Rob Mc Cormack, Victoria University

00. Introduction to Epideictic Rhetoric

01. OP Shops.doc

02. Example of Student speech2.doc

03. Anaphoric isocolon.doc

04. Student Slogans- tricolons.doc

05. ANTI-MODEL.doc

06. MODEL.doc


08. Slogan.doc

09. adding doubles.doc

10. Adding Transitions.doc

11. Introduction.doc

12. Lists.doc

13. Metaphor_Simile.doc

14. Epideictic Rhetoric.pdf

A5 Theorising about reading the world: ensuring our students continue to be heard

Pauline O’Maley, Victoria University

PowerPoint as PDF

Reading list

B1 Combining worlds of education and career: Integrating Literacy (and some Numeracy) into VET delivery

Sandra Jardine, Sunraysia Institute of TAFE

Combining worlds of education and career: Integrating Literacy (and some Numeracy) into VET Hospitality (PowerPoint converted to PDF)

B2 Engaging in civic worlds: practical ways to encourage student participation

Daryl Evans and Suzie Luddon, Education and Community Engagement Unit, Parliament of Victoria

Handouts and information about online sessions due in July

B5 Practical worlds of learning: applied learning as a framework for literacy resources

Jan Hagston, Multifangled

Practical worlds of learning (PowerPoint converted to PDF)

My Neighbourhood activity handout

C2 Accessing student services for ESL students: project work to build student confidence

Serena Seah, Swinburne TAFE

Accessing Student Services (PowerPoint converted to PDF)

C1 I change myself, I change the world: New pedagogies for a sustainable future

Joy Harley, Victoria University

PowerPoint converted to PDF

C3 Teaching learning: a practical workshop for teaching low L1 literacy ESL learners

Emelia Bishop and Chris Morris, Wyndham Community and Education Centre

'Teaching Learning: a practical workshop for teaching low L1 literacy ESL learners':

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Read the word, Read the world - VALBEC 2012 Annual Conference