Program at a glance

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Thursday afternoon   • Pre-conference sessions

2.30 pm


3..00 pm

Session P • Choose 1 of 2

P1 • Cool e-learning tools and resources for ALBE learners (More)

Debbie Soccio, e-Works

P2 • Weaving through the Assessment Maze (More)

Pauline Morrow and Lida Interlandi, Kangan Batman TAFE

4.30 pm

Session Q • Choose  1 of 2


Q1 • Introduction to the Australian Core Skills Framework (More)

Philippa McLean, CAE

Q2 • Using a theme based approach to teaching Numeracy and Science (More)

Chris Tully and Vicki Doukas, Kangan Batman TAFE

6..00 pm

Book launch

"Reading the Fine Print: A History of the Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council 1978-2008"


Friday, May 8 • Conference

8.30 am

Conference Registration

9.00 am


Welcome – Official Opening

Brunswick Women’s Choir


Creating Environments for Creative Learning - The Artful Dodgers Studios


Rebecca Lister, Jesuit Social Services, GATEWAY


Book relaunch

"Reading the Fine Print: A History of the Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council 1978-2008"

10.00 am

Morning Tea

10.30 am

Session A • choose 1 of 3

A1 • Exploring an intensive reading pedagogy in adult literacy (More)

Dr David Rose, University of Sydney.

A2 • Twenty-first Century Graffiti (More)

Dr Lachlan MacDowall, VCA, Melbourne University

A3 • Navigating our way through the Skills environment (More)

Panel: Sally Thompson, ACEVIC; Leanne Fitzgerald, Coonara Community Centre;. Verna Kearney, ACFE

11.35 am

Session B • choose 1 of 5

B1 • Emerging ways of teaching groups of adults using Accelerated Literacy methods (More)

Wendy Cowey, School for Social and Policy Research, Charles Darwin University

B2 • Cyber Bullying or Online Harassment - A TAFE perspective (More)

Barbara Reeckman, NMIT and Laine Cannard NMIT

B3 • Lollies and Coffee - VCAL meets ESL (More)

Sue Paull and Ruth Patching, Diamond Valley Living and Learning Centre

B4 • Scaffolding applied literacy into community services study (More)

Julianne Krusche, Ballarat TAFE

B5 • Resources Showcase (More)

Rosie McHenry and Bruce Mitchel from "Sound English"

St Luke’s Innovative Resources representative Nola Tranter

Lynda Achren and Jan Livingstone from AMES

12.40 pm


1.35 pm

Session C • choose 1 of 6

C1 • Navigating the CGEA: new directions and inspiration towards a learning destination (More)

Nadia Casarotto, Victoria University and panel

C2 • Putting theory into practice in an Accelerated Literacy lesson (More)

Wendy Cowey, Manager of Resources and Professional Development, Charles Darwin University

C3 • Big Deal! - a responsible gambling education program for young people (More)

Jean Evans CAE

C4 • Uncovering Pompeii: What can we learn in the laneways of this ancient Roman city? (More)

Liz Suda, Melbourne Museum

C5 • Adult literacy and numeracy in ACE capability building project 2008-2009. "Not another community of practice!" (More)

Mary-Ann Tonini, Kyabram Community and Learning Centre

C6 • ESL and numeracy: Incorporating numeracy into the new ESL Framework entry level course (More)

Dianne Parslow, CAE and Gail Pratley, Swinburne TAFE

2.40 pm

Afternoon Keynote:

Cleaning up the language highways and byways: Linguistic prescription and taboo


Professor Kate Burridge, Chair of Linguistics, Monash University

3.40 pm

Review & Close

4.00 pm