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'A dot painting is more than the sum of its parts' - Tony Dreise, Principal Research Fellow for Indigenous Education, ACER For VALBEC membersĀ - If you would like a copy of the Keynote presentation by Tony Dreise, please email

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Doctoral study in progress: Informing pedagogic practice: Educators' interpretations of visual literacy in adult English Language Teaching (ELT)

Ethnography and mobile apps

Tetun Literacy Teacher Training in Timor-Leste

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A1 Public libraries partnering to support adult literacy
Robyn Ellard, State Library Victoria, Chris Kelly, CEO of the Goldfields Library Corporation and Jane Grace, Manager Community Engagement, Yarra Plenty Regional Library

A2 Creating Contexts for Multiple Literacies Learning Experiences
Digital Text Task 1 Graduation Party Invitation
Digital Text Task 2 Birthday Party Invitation
Anh Le and Rakesh Saha, Skillsplus

A3 Teaching financial literacy-numeracy and mathematics skills in everyday life
Pam Mahlis, Olympic Adult Education

B2 Multiple literacies through song
Sharon Duff and Carmel Davies, Urban Lyrebirds

C1 Tackling Foundation Skills in the Workforce
Michael Taylor, The Australian Industry Group

C2 Adult stories of resilience through multiple literacies
Lidia Interlandi, Kangan Institute and Chris Tully, Melbourne Polytechnic

C3 Diabetes numeracy and diabetes management
Tina Berghella, Oggi Consulting