Anytime: life-long, 24-hour access,

Anywhere: classroom, at work or home, online, locally, globally

Anyhow: digital, active, distance, groups, individually

Anyone: mature-age, with disabilities, additional language user, youth, worker


The 2014 VALBEC conference, …and the learning goes on, will explore innovative responses to the ongoing changes in LLN delivery and ways in which the field is responding to the demands of the digital age.

Language, literacy and numeracy skills form the basis of successful participation in the community, in further education and in employment. Policies, funding and the student profile may change but regardless of whatever occurs the learning has to go on.

Teaching and learning in literacy and numeracy is characterised by increasing demands for all VET teachers and trainers to support their students' LLN skills, an ageing workforce and the growth of digital technologies. These three elements are just a few that require teachers to reflect, innovate, and continue their professional development.

It may seem that these are not new concerns. However, this is a time when a number of significant changes are coming together.

These and more questions will engage practitioners in conversation and debate as their learning and professional development goes on.

Conference displays

The Bookery

The Bookery logoAustralia’s largest English and literacy bookshop. Call us on (03) 84179500.

The Parliament of Victoria

Parliament of Victoria logoprovides a range of educational programs and resources including school tours.



Multifangled logoPractical and hands on literacy and numeracy resources

Page TurnersShort, easy-to-read stories designed by experienced teachers to suit the needs of adults learning to read.


ANHLC logo The peak body for the Neighbourhood House and learning Centre Sector in Victoria



VALBEC logoActive, Informed, Committed Practitioners