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Musical entertainment

Cemille KurucanWe are delighted to announce that the conference musical entertainment will feature the singing of Cemile, a student from the Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre. She will be singing two songs to welcome everyone.

About Cemile

My name is Cemile Kurucan. I came from Turkey in 1994 with my family, 2 girls and my husband. Since I came from Turkey, I went to several schools and courses. I learned English and some skills. Sometimes I am doing music related things, e.g. singing for some Turkish festivals and community centres. I like to sing so much. I started singing at the age of 7. In the year 2000 I made a CD and I am planning for one more. I hope it will be ready at the end of this year. My husband supports me all the time, and some of my songs are written by him.

Welcome to our diverse world!

The 2013 VALBEC conference, Literacies in a diverse world, will stimulate thinking and conceptualizing around what shapes and constrains the literacies, and numeracies needed to participate, in what is increasingly a diverse and changing world. For both practitioners and learners, there are challenges as to how we approach adult education and the values and beliefs we bring to each learning environment, whether actual or virtual.

As part of the conference theme we hope to explore effective pedagogies that enhance literacies and numeracies while taking into account issues related to, and not limited to,

Across the sector, diverse worlds are represented - from small regional to large metropolitan learning centres, small and large TAFEs, Learn Local and other RTOs, established cross partnerships with RTOs and welfare organizations. These contexts reflect a socially and culturally diverse world influenced by technological change, government policy, international testing of literacy and numeracy and shifts and changes in work roles and skills.  

What are the forms of expression that we employ in a broader sense to convey understandings and meanings in a diverse world?

How do we strive to articulate practice that moves us beyond a focus on the mechanics of ‘reading and writing and arithmetic’ toward meaning making?

How do we work with the many backgrounds and varied life experiences learners bring to the classroom?

How do we engage greater numbers of learners in adult learning and continue to make accessible second chance learning opportunities?

These and more questions will engage practitioners to explore ideas and innovative approaches to deal with changing student cohorts, workplace conditions, accredited curricula and Training Package qualifications, vocational pathways and the challenges of teaching and learning in a diverse world.


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